Pure Metal Cards matt black pixel metal card is a perfect way to reflect your success. This matt black card finish provides a great option if fingerprint marks are a concern on your metal cards. It is another of our cards that just has to be touched to be experienced! Be unique with Pure Metal Cards.

Today, a black metal business card or membership card is one of the best ways to create a unique and powerful brand statement for you, your business, organization or club. With the introduction of this new matt black pixel metal card, Pure Metal Cards easily offers the widest range of black finishes available anywhere.

The pixel finish is composed of tiny dots on the card surface. As such, it makes the card feel slightly thinner than it actually is. We can print your design details with or without color, but we do recommend using color otherwise the content on the card may be harder to read in dim or dark lighting. For membership cards, we would laser etch the unique member details to each card. This will reveal the metal itself. Further details about personalizing each member card can be found here.

Cards can be made in a wide variety of thicknesses, ranging from 0.3mm (0.012”) to 0.8mm (0.032”). Thicker metals are available upon request.

Our black card ranges are available in four metals; matt black stainless steel, matt black brass, matt black copper or matt black titanium.

Choose your matt black pixel metal cards to impress your most valuable clients or members. This truly outstanding finish is sure to make a lasting impression both for the cardholder and recipient. Be unique with Pure Metal Cards.

Why Choose Pure Metal Cards?

Satisfaction Guaranteed – We want you to be completely amazed by your purchase. We replace cards if they do not meet your satisfaction.

Speed – Pure Metal Cards offers the faster turnaround time in the market today for custom-made metal business cards. Cards typically take 7-9 business days to produce and 1-2 days to ship to you.

Pricing – We lead the industry by offering simple, all-inclusive pricing. The price quoted on our website is the price you pay.

The Range of Card Finishes – We offer the widest range of metals and card finishes available anywhere. For example, we have 12 different finishes for our matt black metal cards.

Switch to Metal Today

With over 2 million metal cards shipped to date, we lead the industry in card innovation and options to make your name or brand stand out from the rest. Pure Metal Cards can help you develop your existing business card or membership card to become an unforgettable metal card your clients or members will enjoy receiving. A Pure Metal Cards matt black pixel metal card will ensure your name will be unforgettable. For more information please contact us today.