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Category - Video

Pure Metal Cards matt black cards

Pure Metal Cards offers the widest range of matt black metal card finishes available in the market for your metal business card or metal member card. Matt black cards are available in stainless steel, brass, copper and titanium.

Business Etiquette of Business Cards

Watch this short video by Syndi Seid, an etiquette coach based on San Francisco. The Asian culture has influenced the world on how we give and receive, use and keep business cards. They believe it’s an extension of introducing…

American Psycho: Business Card Scene

Attention to detail is important but sometimes some may take it a bit too far (perhaps)? Watch the business card scene from American Psycho:  

Making a First Impression with Olivia Fox Cabane

How do you make a first impression?  Most of us assume that charisma is something you’re either born with, or not.  But science is proving otherwise! What makes people charismatic, and which aspects of charisma can indeed be…