Metal business cards are more durable than traditional paper cards and can be an ideal option for professionals in industries such as construction, real estate or finance. However, these cards can leave your audience with an unappealing first impression if they’re smudged with fingerprints. Luckily, there are ways to prevent this from happening. Pure Metal Cards can help cure this issue.

When you produce metal business cards, there’s a risk of producing cards with a high likelihood of being fingerprint magnets. While this is not something that we as manufacturers control directly, by taking the right steps in your printing process you can reduce the chances of producing metal business cards that end up collecting fingerprints.

Use an anti-fingerprint coating on your metal cards

An anti-fingerprint coating (or anti-scratch coating) is a clear, scratch-resistant coating that protects the surface of your cards from smudges and fingerprints. This type of coating is ideal for metal cards, since the cards are often used in high-contact areas, like membership cards, where there frequent touching and exchanges of the card. The coating works because it creates a barrier between the surface of your metal cards and other materials, like skin oils. This means that the coatings can help prevent fingerprints on metal cards.

An anti fingerprint coating may also help protect the colour and durability of your cards, making them last longer than they would without the coating. Note that coatings tend to come in matte or satin finishes. Satin is a good choice for cards that need to be printed in full-colour. Matte coatings are a better option if you’re printing monochromatic cards.

Avoid using spot varnishes for the back of your cards

Many people choose to add a spot varnish to the back of their cards, so that the design shows through the card. However, the varnish might make the cards more likely to collect fingerprints, since the cards will be in contact with the fingers of your audience. If you’re choosing a design with a spot varnish, it’s best to avoid adding varnish to the back of your cards. This will also help prevent your cards from looking too glossy.

Be careful with ink selection

Ink selection is often overlooked when it comes to preventing fingerprints on metal cards. However, you should be careful when choosing inks for your cards, since some inks have a glossy finish that can make them more likely to collect fingerprints. It’s best to avoid inks that are too glossy, since this can make your cards look cheap. It’s also a good idea to avoid inks that have a sheen or metallic finish, since these inks can make fingerprints stand out even more.

Use Non Standard Metal Card Finishes

We would suggest that this coating is only potentially needed on our standard stainless steel or standard brass card finishes. We have developed a range of other card finishes that are much better at masking fingerprints. Our stainless steel cards and brass cards showcase other finishes such as brushed, prism or contour card finishes.

When producing metal business cards, it’s important to consider how they might be used. While fingerprints are less likely to appear on cards made with higher-quality materials, they can still happen. To reduce the chances of producing cards that collect fingerprints, you should consider using an anti fingerprint coating on your standard metal cards, and be careful with ink selection. When it comes to preventing fingerprints on metal cards, it’s all about choosing the right materials and taking the right steps in your printing process.

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