For your special event, you want to ensure your guests and VIP’s have an unforgettable experience by sending them a Pure Metal Cards custom-made metal invitation card.  Metal invite cards will help showcase both how important your event is and how very special each invitee is to the occasion. Pure Metal Cards can make individually unique metal invitation cards to ensure an unforgettable experience.

Be Extraordinary with Metal Invitation CardsWhether it’s a wedding, private party, corporate or sporting event, music concert, exhibition or a trade show, ensure your special guests are taken care of. For the biggest impact, replace your traditional paper invites with something more memorable. Switch to a metal invitation cards from Pure Metal Cards.  Not only will these metal invites stand out but also they are likely to be the talk of the event.

Our card designers can create a customized and distinctive design for you. Each card can also be personalized with the invitees’ name.  We can also include individual unique numbers, barcodes or qr codes on each card if required.

We can also help create other marketing tools made from metal including:

  • VIP all-access pass or backstage pass
  • Concert or event ticket or pass
  • Trade show or exhibition pass
  • Corporate event
  • Baseball, football or other sporting event pass
  • Launch party invite
  • Birthday party invite
  • Baby shower invite
  • Wedding invitation
  • Bar Mitzvah invite
  • Gift or voucher card

The following examples show different invite sizes and shapes on our brass and stainless steel cards:-

Be Extraordinary with Metal Invitation Cards Be Extraordinary with Metal Invitation Cards Be Extraordinary with Metal Invitation Cards

For more details of the various ways we can customize and add features to your invitation cards, please visit personalizing your membership card. Our metal invitation cards can be made out of stainless steel, brass, copper or carbon fiber.  To review different finishes have a look at our extensive product range.

What better way is there to make your event stand out from the crowd than with a metal invitation card? Pure Metal Cards can help you to make your next event unforgettable. Please contact us for further information and pricing. Be extraordinary.