Shredded Carbon Fiber


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Shredded Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is exactly what the name suggests extremely thin strong fibers. Our shredded carbon fiber (also referred to as forged carbon fiber) or is made from a paste of finely cut up fibers, half a million turbostratic fibers for every square inch, that are combined with a resin that can be mixed and then formed into the desired shape. Each card will have a unique pattern due to the shredded carbon fiber used to create it. Carbon fiber is the lightest and strongest material we offer. It has a strength ration five times that of stainless steel.

Our cards are made from genuine carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is most notably used to reinforce composite materials, particularly the class of materials known as carbon fiber or graphite-reinforced polymers. The material consists of extremely thin fibers ranging from 0.005mm-0.010mm (0.0002”-0.0004”) in diameter. To form the yarn thousands of carbon fibers are twisted together, like how a rope is formed. It’s kind of is an engineer’s dream come true. A material that’s lighter than aluminum and is pound for pound stronger than steel.

Pure Metal Cards provides premium quality shredded carbon fiber business cards in a matt finish. Our images only show part of the unique qualities these cards possess.   As you move the card in the light, the fibers in the fiber yarn show a unique 3D depth, which is only present with genuine carbon fiber. Our cards are constructed from real carbon fiber not imitation printed graphics or impressions in plastic.

Shredded carbon also sports a unique “marbled carbon” appearance. Each card is ultra light at approximately 0.01 ounce (4.5 grams). Being carbon fiber, these cards take a lot of labor to manufacture. Cards are cut to size and shape using CNC machining then lacquered, so these exquisite cards take about 3 weeks to manufacture.

We also offer two other finishes with a gloss carbon fiber card or matt carbon fiber card as well.

Your cards are shipped in a premium quality cardboard presentation case. Each metal card is also individually wrapped in a transparent plastic sleeve.

Material: Carbon Fiber

Weave: Shredded

Finish: Matt

Business card dimensions: 85.0mm x 54.0mm (3.35” x 2.13”), 89.0mm × 51.0mm (3.5″ x 2.0″) or customizable


  • 8mm, 800 micron (0.03”) rigid card


  • 1 to 2 colors for text
  • Corner radius: customizable


  • Each card is individually wrapped in a transparent plastic sleeve
  • An optional matt black contoured card sleeve in 300 gsm paper is also available
  • Cards are shipped in a cardboard presentation case.

Design tips:

What is truly unique about these cards is the shredded (or forged) weave of the carbon fibers within the card. Each pattern will be unique to that card. They create a ‘3D’ like effect when you move the card in your hand. To showcase your card we suggest you only use a single color for your artwork. Adding many colors detracts from the amazing effect of the shredded carbon fiber itself.

We are not able to offer cutting thru the card (die cut) with this card due to the properties of the weave.