Metal business cards are not just about their material; they are also about the meticulous design and attention to detail that goes into creating them. Pure Metal Cards velvet metal cards create an innovative feel to your metal business cards.

The artistry in metal business card design lies in the ability to blend aesthetics with functionality. The metallic surface offers a canvas for creativity, allowing you to incorporate intricate designs, patterns, and textures that are simply not possible with paper cards. We offer a range of unique finishes to our metal cards including velvet, contour, pixel and prism card finishes.

Our matt black velvet cards are available in stainless steel or brass. The special coating is sprayed onto each card after the design and personalization has been made to the card. The finish is ‘velvet like’ – creating a truly unique and distinctive feel to a metal business card.

Pure Metal Cards matt black velvet brass dragon member card

Customization Options for Metal Business Cards

One of the key elements in metal business card design is laser engraving. This technique allows for precise and intricate detailing, adding depth and dimension to the design. From intricate logos to personalized patterns, laser engraving can transform a simple piece of metal into a work of art. The precision of laser engraving ensures that every detail is captured, resulting in a visually stunning and captivating card.

In addition to finishes, you can also select different colors for your metal business cards. While most metal cards come in stainless steel (silver) or brass (gold) tones, Pure Metal Cards offer a variety of colored plating options. This allows you to incorporate your brand’s Pantone colors to create a card that stands out from the crowd.

Another customization option is the shape and size of your metal business cards. While traditional business cards are typically rectangular, metal cards can be cut into various shapes, such as circles, squares, or even custom die-cut shapes. This adds an extra element of creativity and uniqueness to your cards, further reinforcing your brand’s identity.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Game with Metal Business Cards

Metal business cards are more than just a means of sharing contact information; they are a powerful tool for making a lasting impression. The durability, uniqueness, and prestige associated with metal business cards make them a valuable investment for any business professional. With various types of metals, finishes, and customization options available, you can create a card that truly reflects your personal brand and sets you apart from the competition.

So why wait? Contacts us today to help you create your ideal metal business cards and experience the artistry and elegance that they bring to your networking efforts. Uncover the endless possibilities of metal business card design and elevate your professional image. Remember, first impressions matter, and with metal business cards, you are sure to leave a lasting impression.

“Our order of copper business cards was exactly what we were looking for. The reactions from the first few clients who received the cards were well worth the investment. These will certainly not be forgotten anytime soon.”
James Costello, New York, USA