Gift cards make the perfect treat or enticement for everyone! Whether it’s a free dinner offer at a favorite restaurant, an event promotion or game cards for the kids, they can be used just about anywhere. Your loyalty programs keep you in touch with your customers and keep them coming back for repeat business. Reward them with truly distinctive metal gift cards or loyalty cards from Pure Metal Cards.

Metal gift cards are a great way for retailers to increase both footfall and online traffic. A gift card is a pre-paid card or account number that works like a debit or credit card but may only be used at a specific retailer or for particular brands. It increases sales by driving customers to visit your store or your website. In addition, metal gift cards can become a walking advertisement as customers carry and show off their gift card, and your brand, in their purse or wallet.

Pure Metal Cards brass frosted gift card

For brands a gift card really helps extend its reach.In the U.S. 93% of consumers purchase or receive a gift card annually and spend an average of $213/year on gift cards source.

As customers view gift cards as ‘free money’ they have a tendency to spend more than the amount of the card. On average the recipient will spend 20% or more than their gift card value!

To personalize your metal gift card we can offer a range of options. Typically we add a unique membership number together with a barcode or qr code. A signature strip and magnetic strip can also be added to the metal gift card. For more on personalizing your gift card please click here.

Quick response codes or QR codes can store a website address, phone numbers, email addresses, contact information and plain text.  They are great tool to make your metal gift card communicate with your target audience. With a smartphone and scanner app the qr code has become a popular means to link viewers to your website or landing page. Creating a qr code is very easy and a list of resources is provided at the bottom of this article. This example is a link to our testimonials page:-


Give your business the gift of new sales and new customers with a metal gift card program. Gift cards continue to helped retailers acquire new customers, increase the frequency of customer visits and help improve and grow sales. Whether you are managing a discount or bonus program, loyalty club or  “miles” program, Pure Metal Cards metal gift cards will help strengthen customer loyalty. Metal gift cards can be produced in any metal and card finish. For more information, visit our website for details of metal cards available.

Suggested links to QR Code generator sites include the following:

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