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Silver CardsOverview

Sterling silver business cards are as much as a statement as they are an introduction. The qualities of silver are unmistakable. When this fine metal is crafted into business cards it immediately illuminates the bearer in a special light.

  • Business card dimensions: 85.5mm x 54.0mm (3.3″ x 2.1″)
  • Thickness (approx): 0.45mm, 450 micron (0.0177″)
  • Metal: Sterling silver (925).
  • Finish: Yellow Gold Plated, White Rhodium Plated, Pink Gold Plated
  • Handcrafted
  • Approximate weight: 23.61 grams.
  • Individually supplied in a presentation case.

Your design will be laser engraved or diamond milled into the precious metal of each card without any color fill. You can choose from a rainbow of colors for your text or design. If you require a color fill to be added to the text or logo there will be additional charges. It is possible to apply multiple colors to each side of the card.

Please Note:

To apply the color process to your design requires engraving to a depth of 0.2mm/0.008” to hold the color, therefore the following minimum card thicknesses need to be used:

1 sided card design: 0. 5mm/0.02”

2 sided card design: 0. 8mm/0.03”

Pricing for our thicker 0.8mm silver cards is provided on application. Please contact us for further information.

Due to fluctuations in the price of silver, our card prices may change based on the current market price.

About Silver

Jewelry and silverware are traditionally made from sterling silver (standard silver), an alloy of 92.5% silver with 7.5% copper. In the US, only an alloy consisting of at least 90.0% fine silver can be marketed as “silver” (thus frequently stamped 900). Sterling silver (stamped 925) is harder than pure silver and has a lower melting point (893 °C) than either pure silver or pure copper. Our Sterling silver business cards are plated with rhodium for a bright, shiny finish. They can also be gold plated or pink gold plated. Our cards are made of sterling silver and stamped ‘925’ on the rear side. Each card weights approximately 23.6 grams. Due to the polishing required to finish each card the weight quoted may be slightly less due to this process.

Design Tips

Your sterling silver business cards are fashioned by master jewelers meticulously following your design instructions. Etched text and design styles are more effective than the use of color. Working with silver it’s well worth recognizing the properties of this metal to make your design stand out. Your silver business cards are individually delivered in a quality black presentation case.


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