Metal ID Badges

Metal ID Badges

Pure Metal Cards has developed a range of metal ID badges to support government, law enforcement and public safety officers. Our metal ID badges are designed to be lightweight, easy to carry and better value for money than traditional identity badges.

For law enforcement officers we have developed our metal ID badges as an improvement to the existing badge carried. This improvement to the badge is by no means a replacement for what the badge has stood for as part of the law enforcement uniform.

This improvement is to augment the Peace Officer’s ability to effectively conduct their sworn duties and responsibilities in our present society and culture. In reality, without the ID that is issued to the Peace Officer, the badge is only effective in an emergency as a quick identifier.

Especially in these turbulent times that law enforcement officers find themselves, it is even more important that they have the means to quickly and effectively identify them. This specifically includes a convenient means that Peace Officers will be willing to carry on them at all times. Just as important, Peace Officers need the means to discreetly hide their identities for safety and the safety of their families without compromising their ability to react to emergencies.

The metal law enforcement badge card enhances our ability to do just that, in which, the following are just a few of the benefits:
1. Convenience – Highly visible or highly discreet depending on the situation.
2. Lightweight & Concealable – No need for an additional wallet or holder.
3. Multiple Carrying Formats – Neck lanyard, any type of wallet, clip on, and many more mission specific options.
4. Security – Metal ID card with the ability to incorporate many security measures, such as barcode, qr code, magnetic strip, Near Field Communication (NFC) or a hologram.
5. No need for bulky easily identifiable wallets – converge up to three items into one: Badge, ID, and key card.
6. Health – reduce a contributing factor to lower back injuries by not carrying a bulky wallet in back pocket.

For security we can incorporate a hologram or smart chip. Our metal hologram is truly unique and will identify your card as genuine. We can embed a RFID/NFC chip within your metal ID badge for additional security and protection. The smart chip enables easy access to the badge holder’s information with card reader software. The information stored on the chip will enable easy identification of the officer’s identity and credentials.

Whether you are an officer with the police, sheriff, fire, prison or government departments our ID cards will help easily identify the wearer as a public safety official. Each card is hand made by our skilled crafts people. Metal ID cards take 10-12 days to produce and 2 days to ship by FedEx or DHL. These metal ID badge cards are available in a wide range of metals and different finishes. Pure Metal Cards can also help you to design and create truly individualized metal identity cards. Be protected. Be unique.


1. Metal: Stainless steel, brass, copper or titanium
2. Finish: All finishes are available
3. Business card dimensions: 85.0mm x 54.0mm (3.35” x 2.13”), 89.0mm × 51.0mm (3.5″ x 2.0″) or customizable


  • 0.3mm, 300 micron (0.012”)
  • 0.4mm, 400 micron (0.0157”)
  • 0.5mm, 500 micron (0.0197”)
  • 0.6mm, 600 micron (0.0236”)
  • 0.8mm, 800 micron (0.0315”)


  • 1 to 4 colors for text
  • 1 color (full side)
  • Full color (offset printing)
  • Laser etch (no color)
  • Etch only (no color)
  • Etch with 1 color
  • Cut thru
  • Corner radius: customizable


  • Unique name, number, personal data etc.
  • Color photo ID
  • Badge or crest (full color)
  • Hologram
  • Signature strip
  • QR Code
  • Barcode
  • Magnetic strip
  • Smartchip
  • RFID/NFC chip


  • Each card is individually wrapped in a transparent plastic sleeve
  • An optional metal ID badge protective covers are also available.

Pure Metal Cards can work with you to create a completely custom badge design for a unique badge that your team or department can carry with pride. Our graphic design team can take your ideas from concept to reality and provide a truly one-of-a-kind custom badge designed just for you.

Please contact us for pricing and further information.