There’s no digital substitute for in-person events. Business cards offer a tried and tested way of exchanging information during any networking event. They simply can’t be replaced by using social networks alone to connect with prospects and customers.

Most business cards are made from paper and, since they’re so common, they’re less likely to make a strong impression. Metal business cards, on the other hand, help to make a lasting impression in an age of constant distraction and digital dominance.

Here are five reasons why you should consider making the upgrade:

#1. Stand out from the crowd

Paper and plastic are everywhere when it comes to physical branding. As such, they’re easily forgettable. Moreover, 39% of people get an instant bad impression when companies provide a cheap-looking business card. By contrast, metal business cards exude an aura of exclusivity and luxury, helping you stand out from the crowd with a unique approach that people won’t soon forget.

Just like paper and plastic, metal cards are highly customizable. You can choose from more affordable options like stainless steel and copper or even precious metals like gold and silver.  You can customize shapes, colors, and finishes too. The only limit is your imagination!

#2. No one throws them away

Let’s face it – most business cards get thrown away or forgotten about. Naturally, the last thing you want is for your business cards to end up in the trash. If that happens, you might as well stick to writing down an email address.

We might live in a throwaway society, but no one is likely to dispose of a metal business card. They’re also heavy enough that people will be more likely to remember them, and valuable enough that they’re more likely to keep them safe.

#3. They’re far more durable

Paper business cards crumple and tear just like anything else made of paper. Most of the time, they end up being scrunched up in someone’s wallet until they get thrown away. Plastic might last longer, but it also comes with other drawbacks of its own.

Metal cards practically last forever. They can’t fade or tear like paper and plastic, and they’re impervious to damage in normal use. This also has a psychological impact by communicating the impression that your brand is also a serious operation that intends to stand the test of time.

#4. Do your bit for the planet

While responsibly harvested paper has a very low impact on the environment, the fact most paper business cards just get thrown away makes them quite unsustainable. Plastic is worse still, even if it does end up being recycled.

Metal cards don’t just bring class and exclusivity – they’re also better for the environment. The stainless steel industry, for example, is extremely environmentally friendly. Using metal cards yourself can also help communicate your commitment to the planet.

#5. Fuel the conversation

Business cards are rarely a conversation starter, which is mostly because they don’t give much of an impression. At least that’s the case with paper and plastic, which almost everyone else is using. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Metal cards show you’re prepared for introducing yourself to new clients and suppliers. The exclusivity they communicate is an instant conversation starter too; a convenient and stress-free way to elicit a reaction. People will feel instantly valued upon receiving a metal business or membership card. After all, they’re not usually something you just give out to anyone.

Metal business cards create an aura of exclusivity that encourages conversation and makes prospective clients feel valued. They’re also highly durable, better for the environment, and almost no one is ever going to throw them away.

Pure Metal Cards provides the finest quality metal business and membership cards to bring your branding to a new level of exclusivity. Contact us today to find out more.