In times when almost everything seems to be digital, it’s often easy to neglect the importance of real, tangible quality. One of the best examples is formal invitations. Whether it’s a wedding, a new baby announcement card, a trade fair, or any other important event, people are used to receiving invitations online or on paper. Few of these invitations leave a lasting impression, and many end up getting ignored outright. However, metal invitation cards from Pure Metal Cards will leave a lasting impression.

Printed invitation cards take things a step further, but they’re often throwaway items that have a habit of getting mislaid and forgotten about. Hand someone a metal invitation card, however, and you don’t just make a great first impression – you give someone a keepsake that will stay with them for a long time. After all, people aren’t nearly as likely to lose a metal card, and there is almost no chance they’ll throw it away. In fact, chances are they’ll keep the best ones on display!

Setting the stage with unique metal invitation cards

Whether it’s a special personal occasion or a high-profile business event, paper does little to give the impression of quality and exclusivity. In some cases, it might even come across as cheap – hardly the impression you want to convey if you’re inviting people to a highly exclusive or expensive formal event!

Metal invitation cards, on the other hand, set the stage of things to come. They exude a quality that can’t be replicated on paper, let alone digital formats. Let’s say you’re organizing a formal banquet. Sending paper cards isn’t likely to make much of an impact. Metal invitation cards will instantly give the impression of luxury and a taste of what to expect at the event, such as top-quality food and entertainment.

You can customize metal invitation cards as well

Metal might not seem to be as versatile as paper, but that’s also what makes it exclusive. And there are still plenty of customization options. For example, you can choose the material that best suits the occasion and your budget. Stainless steel is ideal for many events, but brass or copper can give your invitation cards an even more unique appearance. For the most exclusive events of all, cards made of precious metals can up the ante a lot! You can also choose the thickness of your metal cards, with options typically ranging from 0.3 (0.01″) to 0.8mm (0.03″). Thicker cards exemplify even greater quality, and they’re also more durable. Cards can be customized to any size you require. Standard invitation card sizes are also available.

There are many ways you can personalize your metal invitation cards as well, and not only in terms of your chosen design. For example, special effects include multiple colors, rounded corners, laser etching, and cut thru text or patterns. More advanced personalization features include QR codes, barcodes, or signature strips. For formal events like weddings, you might even send your most distinguished guests a card with embedded Swarovski crystals.

Give your invitees a keepsake they’ll never forget

Metal invitation cards aren’t just a great way to impress your guests. They also make a lasting impression by offering something of value. They’re more than just invitations, but also formal gifts for your attendees. People will almost never throw them away, instead of keeping them as mementos. It’s a unique way to connect with people and even strike up a conversation. After all, metal cards aren’t nearly as commonplace as paper ones!

Pure Metal Cards provides the finest quality metal invitation cards to make your event one to remember. Contact us today to find out more.