Loyalty programs are an important part of the customer experience and can be enhanced with the addition of metal gift cards. Pure Metal Cards has experience producing a range of metal gift cards and loyalty cards for a variety of global brands. We can help you create distinctive metal gift cards to complement your existing loyalty card program.


Probably the most well-known metal gift cards are the limited metal Starbucks card.  This card had a value of US$450 yet sold out immediately. This card’s success was partly due to its limited release of 1,000 cards. We can help you create an amazing metal loyalty or gift card to match your brand and enhance your customer relationship.

Gift cards make the ideal enticement. Whether it’s a meal offer or additional dessert at a restaurant or diner, discounts at retailers or online or a free cinema seat ticket, they can be used for just about any opportunity.

Ninety percent of gift cards are used within the first 60 days. In the U.S. ninety three percent of consumers purchase or receive a gift card annually and spend an average of $213 per year on gift cards (source).

As customers view gift cards as ‘free money’ they have a tendency to spend more than the amount of the card. On average the recipient will spend 20% or more than their gift card value!

To customize metal gift cards we offer a range of options to make each card traceable. Typically, we either laser etch or print a unique member number on each gift card. We also can include a magnetic strip, barcode or qr code. A signature strip adds a personal touch to the card as well. For VIP cards we can also embed a smart chip onto the card. For more details how to personalize your gift card please click here.

Whether you are managing a discount or bonus program, loyalty, reward or a mileage program, Pure Metal Cards metal gift cards can be produced in any metal and card finish. Give your business the gift of new sales and new customers with a metal gift card program. Gift cards continue to helped retailers acquire new customers, increase the frequency of customer visits and help improve and grow your sales.

Our design team can also assist you to create your unique metal gift cards, membership cards, invitation cards or loyalty reward cards. We do not charge for this service. Whatever your requirements we are here to help you create unforgettable metal cards.Pure Metal Cards offers one of the fastest production times available anywhere. Card orders typically take 7-9 working days to produce and 2 days to ship by express courier.

Today, giving the perfect present is easy! Our metal gift cards are available in stainless steel, brass, or copper and a wide variety of finishes. With your gift cards redeemable online, in store or by phone, they are should help drive sales. Your loyalty programs keeps you in touch with your customers and keeps them coming back for repeat business. Reward them with truly distinctive metal gift cards or loyalty cards from Pure Metal Cards. For more information, please contact us or visit our website for more details of the metal cards available.

Note: Pure Metal Cards did not produce the Starbucks metal card.

Pure Metal Cards silver prism member card