QuestionMark1-150x150While some people have an ability to remember names, the vast majority of us don’t have a photographic memory when it comes to names.  Writing for Psychology Today, Gretchen Rubin suggests using a compliment as a way to avoid the awkwardness that follows your lack of memory. If you simply cannot remember a persons name it’s not a bad idea to be a little apologetic and complementary at the same time. For example:

“Wow, you have a terrific memory! I can’t believe you remember my name from that meeting six months ago. I can’t remember the names of people I met yesterday!  So of course I have to ask you your name.”

In many cases people will be impressed that you actually remembered something about them rather than their name, especially if that moment had a particular impact.

The great benefit of asking for a business card is that even if you forget someone name, you can read it from his or her card.

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