Creating your own Certificate of Authenticity card is a great way to add value, and increase the desirability of your brand or products. This is particularly relevant when selling luxury items, such as designer goods, exclusive artwork or when you want to distinguish your brand from other manufacturers in your niche. Let Pure Metal Cards create your authenticity cards.

As with any branding strategy, it’s important to get the details right the first time if you don’t want to waste money on something that doesn’t work for you. That said, many companies make mistakes when creating their own Certificate of Authenticity (COA) card. If you are thinking about creating your own COA card, here are a few things to avoid…

Don’t use a generic template

If you want your COA card to reflect your brand, it’s important not to use a generic, off-the-shelf template. The fact that you have created your own COA card is an important part of the branding strategy. Customers expect a great deal of thought to have gone into your design and branding, and a generic COA card will let you down. If you don’t have an in-house designer, it can be tempting to just use an online COA template. However, it’s better to have your COA created by Pure Metal Cards.

Don’t put the wrong things on your COA card

You may be tempted to put anything and everything on your COA card. For example, you may want to put your company name, logo, contact details, barcode, and everything in between. Try to avoid this as it will make your COA card very cluttered and unnecessarily large. You need to consider what is important to your customers. One of the first things they will want to know is where the product was made. This is particularly important if you are selling luxury goods. As far as your logo goes, you should include it on your COA card, but keep it small. Your logo should be recognizable, but it shouldn’t take up too much space on the COA card.

Don’t make your own Certificate of Authenticity too big or small

The size of your COA card is important. You don’t want it to be too big and take up too much space in the packaging, but it also needs to be big enough for your customer to read the details. If your product is small, such as a keychain, you can get away with a small COA card. However, if you are selling something larger, such as artwork, it may be better to go with a larger card as customers may need more space to write down the details. Even if you are selling online, for example an NFT (non-fungible token) on a blockchain, you may want to create a physical COA card for extra security and authenticity.

Don’t use the wrong type of ink

It’s important to use the right type of ink when creating your COA card. If you use the wrong type of ink, it may fade over time, which could lead to your customers believing that the product isn’t authentic. It’s best to check with your manufacturer about the type of ink they recommend you use. One of the benefits of metal cards is that we can laser etch the personalization details of each card. This makes the COA much harder to copy or replicate than a plastic (PVC) or paper card or stickers.


Don’t forget to include the barcode or qr code and a serial number on your COA card

These pieces of information should be on every COA card. They allow you to track inventory and make sure your products are authentic. If a customer reports an issue with the product, you may be able to track it back to the serial number on the COA card. If you don’t include the serial number on the COA card, you will have a lot of difficulty tracking down the product. It’s also a good idea to put the date the products were manufactured on your COA card. This will allow you to track when a product was manufactured, and if it is still within the return window.

For unique artwork, you should also consider including a color photograph of your piece or design on the card too. At Pure metal cards we can color match Pantone color codes.

The current trend is to include an RFID or NFC chip for additional security.

And finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

As with all aspects of your business, you may find that you are not particularly good at creating COA cards. In this instance, you should ask for help. Pure Metal Cards can help you in designing metal COA cards.

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