Pure Metal Cards provides the finest quality metal business cards and metal membership cards tailored to meet the specific and ever-changing needs of our customers. We help you make an impact. Here are a few reasons we should work together.


  • Pure Metal Cards offers the faster turnaround time in the market today for custom-made metal business cards. Cards typically take 7-9 business days to produce and 1-2 days to ship to you by FedEx or DHL.
  • We will send you a digital proof of your card design to review within 24 hours of receiving your artwork. We work quickly to amend any changes you request to create your ideal metal card.


  • We lead the industry in offering simple, all-inclusive pricing. The price quoted on our web site is the price you pay.
  • We do not change extras for artwork design, additional colors, to die cut/cut thru the card or to print on both sides of the card.
  • Our member card pricing includes all details to personalize your cards including laser etching, magnetic stripe, signature stripe, qr codes and barcodes.
  • We do charge an additional cost however for smart chips, NFC chips, offset full color printing, photo cards and embedding Swarovski crystals into cards.

Range of Card Finishes

  • We offer the widest range of metals and card finishes available anywhere. We offer 20 different finishes for our stainless steel cards. Our brass, copper and titanium cards are the genuine metal not plated cards.
  • Cards are available in a variety of card thicknesses from 0.2mm, 200 micron, (0.008”) to 0.8mm, 800 micron (0.0315”). We can also make cards even thicker if required.

Customization and Personalization

  • To customize your metal cards we offer a range of options to make each card traceable. Typically, we laser etch a unique member name, number or validation date onto each card.
  • We also can include a smart chip, NFC chip, magnetic stripe (including encoding), barcode or qr code.
  • The use of a signature strip can add a personal touch to the card as well. We can also add a scratch panel to reveal a hidden PIN number.
  • Cards can also be made in any shape or size you require. For further details on how to personalize your metal cards please click here.

Card Samples

  • We appreciate that metal cards, card finishes and our range of available card thicknesses may be a new experience for some buyers. We have developed a range of sampler cards in various card finishes and card thicknesses to give you a hands-on experience of the quality and feel of our metal cards. We can send these to you to evaluate.
  • We can also make a physical sample of your card design before purchasing your order. Samples cost US$125 for 0.3mm card thickness and US$150 for 0.4mm to 0.8mm (credit card) thicknesses. Samples take 7-9 days and 2 days to ship by express courier.

Client List

  • Pure Metal Cards works with a wide range of clients ranging from globally renowned brands to start-ups and fledgling businesses across all industries and continents. To see what our clients have to say about us please review our testimonials.

Be Discreet

  • Pure Metal Cards creates unique cards for high profile individuals and luxury brands. We believe in being discreet. As such we do not show our client’s designs on our website or send these out as samples. We consider this unprofessional.

Precious Metal Cards

  • For that very special someone in your life we offer gold cards made from 9 carat to 22 carat gold. We also offer sterling silver (925) cards.

Titanium Metal Cards

  • For the ultimate card we offer titanium business cards and member cards in three finishes – standard, brushed and matt black.

Carbon Fiber Cards

  • We offer an extensive range of carbon fiber cards and glass fiber cards with a range of colors and weaves. Cards are available in 0.3mm card thickness (flexible) or 0.6mm (rigid) options. These are ideal for sports related industries including motor racing, major leagues and sailing. We also offer dual finish cards combining carbon fiber with (any) metal card finish.


  • Pure Metal Cards ships your metal business card order in our hand made piano black wood presentation case and companion spare card cardboard case. Each of our cards is individually wrapped in a transparent plastic sleeve.
  • We also offer a range of packaging options for single cards including an oak presentation case, cardboard presentation case and black contour luxury card sleeve or envelop.

Switch to Pure Metal Cards Today

With over 1.5 million metal cards shipped to date we lead the industry in card innovation and options to make your name and brand stand out from the rest. Pure Metal Cards can help you develop your existing business card, membership card or loyalty card to become an unforgettable metal card your clients or members will enjoy receiving. For more information please contact us today.