In a bid to provide the ultimate holiday gift British owned Hong Kong based startup launches a line of exclusive solid gold business cards for the business person who already owns everything else.

Pure_Metal_Cards_Business_Card_20110709_IMG_7909Hong Kong (PRWEB) October 25, 2011

British owned Hong Kong based startup launches solid gold business cards in a bid to provide the ultimate holiday season gift for people-who-have-everything.

Founder Richard Buckley explains the origin of the idea for these amazing creations – “We’ve all heard how ‘First Impressions Are Forever’ – I felt since you only have one chance to make one, you may as well go all out, especially in those situations where you really want to impress”.
When asked if he thinks the cards will actually be distributed by anyone lucky enough to have them Richard says: “A gold business card is like a jewelry item to most people, but for some it’s just another client acquisition tool. It really depends what line of business you are involved in. We’ve been selling them regularly to high net worth individuals who want to leave a lasting impression, as well as marketers of extreme luxury items. I guess when you’re about to close a multi-million dollar sale; the cost of the gold business card that got your foot in the door becomes inconsequential. It’s all a matter of what your perspective is”.

As their name implies offers not only gold business cards, but also cards made from stainless steel, brass, copper and silver, in a wide selection of finishes.

From a gift buyers perspective the website is a treat. Ordering cards is an easy online purchase and customers are given the opportunity to either upload their own custom design, or have the company design cards for them. Delivery time is about two weeks and worldwide shipping is free.

Best of all they allow customers to get an incredible unique gift without having to worry about holiday season shopping crowds or leaving the comfort of their home.

To give that special person the opportunity to completely astound people every time they pull out their business card, go visit now and place an order in time for a holiday season delivery.

About Pure Metal Cards is a Hong Kong based startup dedicated to marketing exquisite metal business cards made of gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, brass and copper.

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