Black cards are a sign of exclusivity and prestige. Black metal business cards or member cards are one of the powerful ways to create a unique and powerful brand statement for your business, organization or membership club. Pure Metal Cards offers a range of black finishes to make your design be unforgettable and treasured.

Black metal cards are traditionally only available in a matte finish. At Pure Metal Cards we offer an industry leading wide range of four black finishes to suit your needs. Matte black photographer card by Pure Metal Cards

The matt black finish is a popular choice. We can print detail with or without color, but we do recommend using color otherwise the content on the card may be hard to read in dim or dark lighting.

Matt black prism card has a microscopic ball bearing like surface, which gives cards a unique finish like a prism. This card is popular for member cards and fingerprints are less noticeable than on the matt black finish.

matte black prism card


Matt black frosted also has an uneven surface and is regularly used for metal hang tags, price tags or labels.

Pure Metal Cards Matte Black Contour etching your design onto the card without color, we can create a unique finish or texture to your cards. Our grid effect is shown on this example card. Pure_Metal_Cards_Business_Card_4771

Our newest finish is called matt black contour. This card finish has microscopic lines or contours and is our best option to disguise or guard against fingerprints being noticeable on these black metal cards.

Pure Metal Cards Matte Black Business Card

All our black metal cards are available in either stainless steel or brass. Cards can be made in a wide variety of thicknesses, ranging from 0.3mm (0.012”) to 0.8mm (0.032”). Thicker metals are available upon request.

Pure Metal Cards can help you design your business card, member card, hang tags, price tags or labels in metal. We can include individual names, numbers, signature strip, QR code, magnetic strip and many other features.

For more information visit us here. Choose your black metal cards to impress your most valuable clients or members. This outstanding finish is sure to make a lasting impression both for the card holder and recipient. Be unique with Pure Metal Cards.