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The Cultivist offers its members bespoke access to the art world wherever they happen to be. With their metal membership card, members are able to skip the line at hundreds of museums and galleries worldwide, including the Tate, MoMA, the Met, the Guggenheim and the Uffizi, and gain privileged access to all key global art fairs. With 24 hours’ notice, the team will tailor an art tour in a destination of your choice, including arranging private tours at museums at no extra expense. There are invitations to members-only events, curator-led first look exhibition viewings and artist studio visits.

The Cultivist co-founders Marlies Verhoeven (who heads up the New York office) and London-based Daisy Peat worked together for six years at Sotheby’s, running the auction house’s VIP programme, Sotheby’s Preferred. With angel investor backing they drew on their international network of artists, museum professionals and collectors, and launched The Cultivist.


The membership card is made from hi grade standard stainless steel in 0.5mm/0.02” card thickness and features the logo and a paintbrush strip etched into the surface. The rear side features each member’s details laser etched onto the card and a photograph of themselves. Initial founding members enjoyed a unique portrait drawn by London-based artist Miranda Donovan. The cards are dispatched to clients every two weeks from the operational hubs in America and Europe.

The Cultivist sends new member details to Pure Metal Cards every two weeks. We then laser etch the information within 1-2 business days and ship cards to New York or London for fast distribution to those new members.

For further details of The Cultivist, the world’s only global arts club offering uniquely privileged access to every aspect of the art world please visit thecultivist.com.



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